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How do I connect the eBlocker to my home network?

Using a standard Ethernet cable you can connect the eBlocker to any Ethernet port on your Internet router or switch. Power (5V) is supplied via a standard micro USB cable. The connection is as easy as 1-2-3: 1. Insert the Ethernet cable, 2. Connect USB power supply, 3. The eBlocker configures itself and is automatically available on all Internet devices after a short startup time.

What happens if I don’t have a free Ethernet port available?

An “Ethernet switch” is available on the market for a few dollars. An Ethernet switch works like a power strip and adds additional Ethernet ports to your network.

After connecting eBlocker can I still use the Internet normally?

Yes. The browsing experience should be unchanged on all websites, except that you won’t get any online advertisements. In the rare case of incompatibilities, you can disable the eBlocker for individual sites with just one click.

How many devices can I use with eBlocker?

Up to 10 devices can be protected simultaneously in the network, with eBlocker Pro and eBlocker Family.

Are you controlling my eBlocker through a central server?

No. The eBlocker is a local, decentralized solution in your home network, over which you have complete control. If you are using our update service, the eBlocker checks our central update server at least once a day for software or filter lists updates and installs them automatically.

Does the eBlocker record or profile my surfing habits?

No. Unlike centralized Internet anonymization services or browser plugins that may record all your surfing behavior the eBlocker does not record any data.

Can I change or extend the eBlocker’s filter lists?

You can create your own filter lists and blocking rules as well as define individual exemption rules for existing lists. So, you always have full control over all content in your home network.

Does eBlocker affect my browsing speed?

Typically, users with slower Internet connections will experience an accelerated browsing speed, since no ads are being downloaded to compete with available bandwidth while pages are loading. Browsing speed will not significantly change on very fast Internet connections. If you enable the Tor network to anonymize your IP-address, all of your Internet traffic is encrypted as it routes thru the Tor network. Depending on the traffic volume in the Tor network and the number of available Tor nodes, a reduction of Internet bandwidth can take place. However eBlocker has no influence on this as the Tor network is operated by volunteers and is subject to no control.

Does the eBlocker block cookies as well?

The eBlocker only blocks tracking cookies and other unwanted cookies that are used to collect user profiles. Desirable cookies that are used by first party sites to store the shopping cart of the last session for example are not blocked. This way we ensure that sites using cookies for convenience functions will fully work.

Why do I need different privacy preferences and how do I set them up?

If you live in a multi-person household, each household member can choose his personal privacy preferences. For example Alice would allow advertising on website A while her brother Tom does not want any ads. Alice and Tom are each logging into the eBlocker using their personal PIN. Now only Alice sees ads on website A and gets tracked on this site while Tom doesn’t see any ads and no user profile data can be collected.

How can I protect my children from adult content (“parental control”)?

The eBlocker uses special filter lists for filtering adult content. These filters can easily be assigned to a user. This user then has no access to sites or URLs that are listed in the filter lists. So minors can easily be protected from adult content.

Is there an auto-login function, e.g. for minors?

If there is only one eBlocker user configured or you are using the “single user version” of the eBlocker, this user will be logged in automatically without the need for a PIN. When multiple users are configured a PIN login is activated. However, you can assign an automatic login to individual Internet devices, such as the child’s game console for example, so that no login is needed on this device and the child’s privacy settings are always being applied. You can assign auto-login functionality to any devices that are being used by only one person.

Am I also protected on my mobile devices?

The current version of the eBlocker protects all Internet devices in your home network including your mobile devices when they are using your WLAN. In the future (Q4 2016), we plan to support mobile devices outside of your home network.

My eBlocker doesn’t work. What can I do?

Please go to and check if the eBlocker icon appears at the top right of your browser. If it does, you can get to “settings” by clicking on the settings icon. If the eBlocker doesn’t appear, try to access settings, by reading this article.
If your eBlocker doesn’t work, please contact us at Please name following information with your request:
  • What router are you using?
  • Are you using eBlocker with automatic setup or with manual configuration?
  • Are there any other network devices ( for example, switches ) between eBlocker and the terminals present?   
  • Are both network LEDs and red power LED lit up?
  • Does your router recognize eBlocker? ( There is a list of all connected devices displayed in your router normally. You can find items like DHCP in your menu, for example)
  • Does the orange eBlocke icon appear at the top right of your browser:    
  • Can you access eBlocker? We have different options that we explain here if you can’t access your device.

How does the eBlocker offer more protection than other tools?

Traditional tools focus only on a small, specific area for individual devices. For example there are specific browser plugins for PCs that block trackers only, and others that just block online ads. Even with several browser plugins activated at once, it is very likely that the visited website will still track you by your IP-address. However, the eBlocker blocks all user profiling services and lets you surf anonymously, hiding your IP-address. With just one click you can enable the “Tor network” which prevents your IP-address from being identified. A comprehensive privacy protection is only possible in this combination.

Does the eBlocker work with any Internet connection?

Yes. The eBlocker works regardless of your Internet provider (ISP) and with any Internet connection worldwide. We recommend a broadband connection with at least 1 Mbit, that is always connected to the Internet.

What Internet devices work with the eBlocker?

All Internet devices that are connected to your home network will benefit from the eBlocker. Whether you use a Smartphone, Tablet, PC, Mac, SmartTV or a game console to access the Internet, all devices are protected by eBlocker automatically.

What operating systems and browsers are supported?

The eBlocker operates independently of the operating system and browser, because no software needs to be installed. Therefore all operating systems and browers are supported.

I’m using apps on my tablet/Smartphone that display ads. Does the eBlocker block in-app advertising while connected to the home network?

Yes, the eBlocker blocks ads regardless of whether they are displayed in a browser or in apps. However, it may happen that the app developer has “hardwired” a banner into the app, which is not loaded from the Internet. In this case the banner can not be blocked and usually user profiles can not be created.

Does “Zero Installation” work in any home network?

“Zero Installation” works easily on most home networks and for most Internet-enabled devices. Due to the variety of network devices we cannot guarantee compatibility with individual devices. In this case a manual, wizard-assisted configuration method can be used so that the eBlocker will work on any home network.

Does the eBlocker replace a firewall?

The eBlocker protects your intimacy while browsing. It prevents third parties from collecting data about you without your consent. A firewall protects your home network from external access. The eBlocker also includes a firewall, but it only protects the eBlocker itself from attacks. To protect your home network, we recommend using your own firewall.

Why does the eBlocker also block online advertising?

Most online ads (banner, video, text etc.) are already tracking and profiling you just by loading the ad even if you don’t click on it. Therefore by default eBlocker blocks all online advertising. Of course, you have the ability to turn on the advertising for Web pages of your choice – but you will be tracked again on these pages.

How does the eBlocker block trackers from creating user profiles?

We are using community-maintained, open-source filter lists to determine whether an HTTP request is sent to a known tracking server. In this case eBlocker blocks the request and does not send any data to the tracker. In addition we have developed adaptive self-optimizing algorithms and are constantly maintaining custom filters to ensure maximum privacy protection for you.

What about the “Private browsing” mode of my browser?

The “private browsing” mode works well to eliminate the traces of your session on the local computer and in the browser, because all data that is stored during the session will be deleted at the end. Tere are two issues with “private browsing” however. First you always lose all settings, login functions or shopping carts that have been saved in a cookie for your convenience. Second trackers, advertising networks and social networks will track you anyway, but they‘ll lose the cookie which helps them to recognize you. Unfortunately today cookies are not necessary to recognize you. You can easily be recognized by trackers using your IP-address(es) or techniques like “canvas fingerprinting“.

I am using the browser preference “do-not-track”. Isn’t this sufficient to not get tracked?

The “do-not-track” preference in your browser sets a signal in the HTTP protocol to indicate to websites that you don’t want to be tracked. However the problem is that this signal is ignored by most trackers and websites, therefore you are still getting tracked. Unfortunately today there is no legal provision to enforce compliance with the „do-not-track“-signal.

Does the eBlocker support HTTPS/SSL encrypted connections?

Yes, the eBlocker supports HTTPS/SSL connections for web browsing.

My ISP interrupts the Internet connection every night. Don’t I get a new IP address after every disconnect?

If you are constantly connected to the Internet by cable or DSL, your IP-address rarely changes. In fact, more frequently you are using the same IP-address for months while surfing the web. So trackers can use the IP-address to clearly identify you.

Why does eBlocker use the Tor network?

The Tor network is a volunteer-operated computer network which is not subject to any Governmental control. It offers users enhanced Internet anonymity by constantly changing the visible IP address. So user can not be identified by their original IP address. Unfortunately Tor does not block any trackers or ad-networks, thus personal user profiles are still created. To prevent this, you need the eBlocker.

What do I need the WIFI antenna for?

Only the eBlocker series devices in design housing are equipped with Wi-Fi antenna. This is useful when you want to connect your eBlocker to your network wirelessly. If the eBlocker should exclusively be wired to ensure, for example, maximum data throughput, no WLAN antenna is necessary.

Can the Raspberry Pi / Banana Pi be used for eBlocker?

Yes, you can use your Raspberry Pi or Banana Pi for running the eBlocker software. We recommend the Banana Pi for better data throughput and faster Internet connections. The eBlocker software will be available for download during the “Early Access”-phase. Access to the phase is available on Indiegogo starting at $10.This offer is valid until the 20th of September and while supplies last.

Which logistic services do you use for shipping?

Depending on the country, eBlocker is either shipped with DHL or UPS.

When will I receive my eBlocker?

If you have ordered your eBlocker in standard-housing, the delivery time will be about 3-5 days. The eBlocker in design-housing however, will be shipped starting from the end of august 2016. The shipment details are listed in our shop. You will receive an email notification once your eBlocker is sent.

How do I become a partner?

We are looking for partners in all areas of the supply chain as well as in international marketing and sales. Please contact us via

Does the eBlocker work for companies, schools and other institutions as well?

The eBlocker software also runs on large servers and can serve many users at once. The “small” eBlocker shown here is designed for home use only. Get in touch with us and we’ll tailor a solution that fits your requirements:

Can we invest in eBlocker?

We are open for discussions with professional investors, which are inspired by our idea and would like to help us make eBlocker the best privacy solution on the planet: