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NEW! eBlocker 2
Your privacy is yours,
not the Internet
  • Prevents online tracking
  • Protects your privacy & personal intimacy
  • Blocks harmful & youth-endangering contents
  • Ensures safe surfing – even on the go
  • Protects all devices in just 5 minutes

eBlocker is the world's first plug & play solution for anonymous surfing and parental controls on all devices. ​

From Smart TV to the vacuum cleaner to the smartphone, despite new data protection laws, our data is analyzed, consolidated, stored and our privacy violated countless times
a day.

We have developed eBlocker as a central solution for all devices for everyone who wants to keep control of their online behavior for private or professional reasons.

Simply connected directly to the router, it serves as a gateway to the Internet and offers the possibility of disguising the identity of all devices in your home network, preventing tracking, blocking dangers, e.g. by malware and surfing without advertising.

Christian Bennefeld and the whole eBlocker team wish you more freedom and self-determination!

What does the Internet know about you?

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It's so easy to surf the net protected!

Buy eBlocker risk-free.
You can get the eBlocker in three software variants with a 30-day money-back guarantee directly here with us and in more and more computer stores and online shops.

Simply connect.
The eBlocker is pre-installed, it can be easily connected directly to your router and immediately protects the communication of all devices in your network.

Surf protected – even on the go.
Your smartphone or tablet can also connect to the Internet via eBlocker while on the move – so you now have full protection “to go”.

The eBlocker against data leeches on the Internet.

The eBlocker 2 reliably protects all devices in your home network.

Banners will track you, even without clicking on them. The eBlocker puts a stop to that and makes data-collecting advertising disappear – if you want it.

You can get tracked by banners without even clicking on them. The eBlocker puts a stop to this and makes data-collecting advertising disappear – if you want it to.

Often, criminals turn on viruses and malware-infected ads. So, you get bad content, even if you only visit reputable websites. The eBlocker removes these advertisements for more security.

Even the little ones discover the fascinating online world very early on today and the forbidden attracts children magically. Thanks to the youth protection function and the whitelist of, you can now block predefined categories such as violence, pornography, gambling and social media as well as set individual surfing times.

Children spend a lot of time online, often too many hours a day and sometimes in the middle of the night. Define surfing times and assign time quotas – individually for each user, even across devices.

Smartphones, tablets, etc. can be set so that they enjoy the protection of eBlockers while on the move. Your smartphone or tablet can then connect to the Internet via eBlocker on the go – and you have the full protection “to go”.

Many online shops use algorithms to automatically adjust sales prices to the current market situation and the individual customer profile in order to achieve maximum profit. The flight often becomes more expensive if the hotel has already been booked for the trip or the shops are accessed via certain devices. Users of Apple products, for example, are considered to have higher purchasing power, which in many cases has already led to higher prices in online shops.

With eBlocker you can simulate other devices and operating systems and your previous booking and surfing behavior is hidden. This can lead to more favorable offers in some cases.

Increase protection against warning fees by illegal downloads of your children. Pages with prohibited downloads can be blocked by you for all devices. Tracking in the event of accidental missteps by the children is made more difficult (with an anonymized IP address).

A basic device. Three software variants.

The new eBlocker 2 is available in three different software versions. Simply choose the version that suits you best. And because life is full of changes, you can change your software product easily and without running time.

eBlocker 2 Base

For privacy beginners.

Surf anonymously, protect against provider espionage, access international media – even on the go.

From €


IP anonymization

VPN & Gate for all devices

Multi-user capability

Surf mobile protected!

3 months free VPN

incl. VAT

eBlocker 2 Pro

For demanding surfers.

Protect privacy, block data collectors, avoid price discrimination – at home and on the move.

From €


eBlocker 2 Base Features

Protects against trackingn

Blocks ads

Filters harmful content

Device cloaking

incl. VAT

eBlocker 2 Family

For families, and smaller teams.
Individual settings per user conduct, set parental controls, protect from excessive surfing.

From €


eBlocker 2 Base Features

eBlocker 2 Pro Features

 Parental control

Individual surf times / duration

Individual user profiles

incl. VAT

It's that simple.

“The installation is really simple: connect two cables and off you go.”

“It’s great that every device in the house is individually adjustable.”

“Surf the Internet freely without being tracked by data collectors.”

“Now I can see who wanted to snoop around me.”

“Now the kids can go online alone – without any nasty surprises.”

“Even protects me on the road.”

“Finally no more discussions about the surfing time of the kids.”

 “Even my free apps are almost ad-free now.”

“Now Google and co., finally no longer earn money on my data.”

“Felt the web has become even faster.” 

“The eBlocker is a smart alternative to browser add-ons. He protects all network participants against tracking and intrusive advertising. A real recommendation.” Test rating: Very well.


PC Magazin

“Only one prior series device available Nevertheless the functionality already available could be properly use, Setup and handling were amazingly simple, complications occurred not.”

“The eBlocker provides the by far easiest installation and handling of all boxes. He protects you while surfing from tracking networks and filter out advertising. You can hide with him. also your IP address”

From € 99,- incl. VAT.
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Test without obligation with 30 days money-back guarantee!

Now safely through the net!

Flexible licenses:

Purchase eBlocker Base, Pro or Family with a one-year or lifetime license. Included are over the respective term:

  • Automatic software updates
  • Regularly updated blacklists of new dangerous sites block (eBlocker Pro and eBlocker Family)
  • Regularly updated parental control filter (eBlocker family)

Technical data:

  • Processor: 1.2 GHz quad-core
  • Memory: 1 GB DDR3
  • Operating system: eBlockerOS 2
  • Usage: type 2 Watt, max 10 Watt
  • Ethernet ports: 1 x Ethernet , RJ45, 2 x USB 2.0
  • Weight: 153 g (without accessories)
  • Dimensions: 9 x 9 x 9 cm
  • Color: White

Scope of delivery:

  • eBlocker
  • Power supply incl. adapter for all countries  (110–240 V)
  • License key
  • Network cable
  • Quick Start Guide

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